A Program Of The

City Of Columbia

Projects in Assess & Evaluate Phase

The City of Columbia uses various methods of inspection during the Assess & Evaluate Phase to determine which areas are most in need of upgrade and improvement. 

Projects in Prioritize & Select Phase

The City prioritizes projects based on completed assessments and selects engineering consultants and/or contractors needed to complete the project during the Prioritize & Select Phase.

Projects Under Design

The engineer prepares detailed plans and easement plats for the project and applies for permits during the Design & Permit Phase. 

Projects Under Construction

The contractor completes the physical construction of the project during the Construct Phase.

Project Name Project #
30" Forcemain from Mill Creek PS to WWTP SS6764
Gravity Sewer Manhole Lining & Replacement SS6786
North Main St. Streetscape Sewer SS6916
Sanitary Sewer Replacement along Broad River & Crane Creek SS6954
Annual Rehab on lines less than 15" SS6966
Pump Station Improvements at 6 Sites SS7060
30" Gravity Sewer Line from I-77 & Bluff Road to Burnside #1 PS SS7076
Saluda Basin #11 Rehabilitation SS7148
Pinner Road Bridge Construction SS7175
Sanitary Sewer along Clement Road SS7202
Sanitary Sewer Rehab Saluda River Basins SR-07 & SR-08 SS7207
Sanitary Sewer Rehab Saluda River Basins SR-03, SR-10 & SR-12 SS7208
Sanitary Sewer at West Columbia Basin WC-02 SS7218
Innovista District Infrastructure Improvements SS7251
Improvements to Digester 1-5 at Metro WWTP SS7253
Sanitary Sewer from I-77 & Bluff to Burnside #1 Lift Station SS7258
Smith Branch Outfall Replacement SS7259
Three Rivers and Colonial Life Pump Station Rehab SS7262
Montague Road Sewer Service to TMS 13814-07-10 SS7264
Water/Wastewater Admin Buildings SS7266
Metro WWTP Non-Potable Water System Improvements SS7275
Smith Branch 02 SSES SS7279
Rocky Branch 01 SSES SS7280
Train 1 Aeration System Improvements SS7284
Thickening & Dewatering Improvements SS7285
Bull Street SS7301
Sewer Main Replacement along Johnson Avenue SS7311
Rocky Branch Sewer Replacement SS7315
I-20 & Monticello Road Sewer Main Replacement SS7322
Bendale Pump Station Improvements SS7324
Required Pump Station Upgrades per TSOMP Recommendations SS7333
Sanitary Sewer at Hollywood and Ravenel SS7345
Shop Road Sewer Extension for Industrial Development SS7347
Smith Branch 01 SSES SS7362
Olympia Sewer at 528 Georgia Street SS7379
MWWTP Operation Center Building SS7381
Sewer Lining & Replacement at Blossom St & Makeway Dr SS7385
Greenlawn Drive SS Relocation SS7394
Westminster Drive Sewer Replacement SS7397
2600 Block of Roosevelt St SS7398
Tanglewood Sewer Replacement SS7399
Johnson Ave & Garden Springs Rd Sewer Improvements SS7400
N Cola PS Additional Pumping Capacity SS7415
Backup Power Generators at Various PS Sites SS7416
Commerce Drive Sewer Project SS7426
12 Woodhill Circle Sewer Extension SS7427
905 Bluff Road 4 Inch Force Main SS7442
Deerwood Street and Hillcrest Avenue Emergency Repairs SS7461
1400 Block Calhoun Street SS SS7490
Main & College Sewer Project SS7493

Upcoming Projects

Project Name Project #